Steel Roofing

Dezzo Roofing Steel has eight roll-forming machines, as well as a fully equipped cut-to-length line and bending facility. The production capacity of the factory is around 500 tons per month, which equates to roughly 90 000m² of roof support material. The factory is 1500m² under roof and a further 1000m² of yard and storage space.

Steel Roofing

Monthly Roof Support Material

Steel Roofing

Monthly Factory Production Capacity

Steel Roofing

Factory & Yard

Advantages of Steel Roofing Systems

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Dezzo Roofing was one of the first companies in South Africa to pioneer a lightweight steel roof support system, giving us extensive experience in this field.

Engineer designed (including Professional Indemnity Insurance).

Our systems are manufactured from aluminium and zinc coated steel that is known to last 4 to 6 times longer than the same galvanized material (Australian testing).

These systems are easily constructed, enabling a quicker
installation time

The roof trusses are lightweight and easy to handle.

Battens and purlins are cut to length to suit every roof, thus greatly reducing on-site cutting and waste.

Trusses are manufactured by highly trained steel artisans, and are assembled in jigs in order to maintain consistency.

The roof system is not susceptible to termite or borer infestation.

Components will not rot or warp (like timber).

Flexibility in terms of roof designs and roof shapes.Can be used with concrete tiles, steel sheeting, pressed steel tiles, and fibre cement sheeting.

Learn more about the advantages of steel roofing here.

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